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No one enters into a marriage planning to get divorced. When relationships do go bad and marriages end, the emotional fallout and the stress of facing the legal system can be overwhelming for everyone involved. If you are facing a divorce, make sure you work with a lawyer who will minimize the stress rather than add to it — someone you can trust to work with through your case with efficiency and compassion.

Attorney Barbara Coyle Williams is a divorce attorney who understands the stress you are facing in a divorce, and she will help you find a path through the legal process that is as amicable and efficient as possible under the circumstances. It is important to protect your rights, but it is also important that your attorney treats you with compassion throughout your case. Barbara has more than 35 years of experience serving clients in Evansville, Indiana, and throughout Vanderburgh County. She has a thorough understanding of the law and she serves clients with professional compassion and care.

Williams Law, PC, represents clients in all aspects of divorce, including:

"You might want an attorney who will tell you whatever you want to hear and make unreasonable promises of specific results in your case. I don't believe that approach is ethical or helpful in any way. I will give you an honest, accurate assessment of your case and help you get the best results possible, but I will never promise specific results or give you false expectations."

∙ Barbara Coyle Williams, Attorney at Law

Amicable Divorce Resolutions

There is enough stress in a divorce. Williams Law, PC, focuses on helping clients find amicable resolution to their divorce conflicts. Attorney Barbara Williams has the experience and is prepared to fight your case in court, if necessary, but most cases can be resolved through mediation and collaborative divorce methods.

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