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There is nothing more important than the children in a divorce. If you can get through a divorce with a favorable child custody plan without alienating the children or your ex-spouse in the process, you will be well-positioned to provide loving care for your children for years to come.

Attorney Barbara Coyle Williams of Williams Law, PC, provides sound legal counsel in child custody and support issues for clients throughout Evansville, Indiana, area. With more than 35 years of legal experience, Barbara takes great pride in working with each client personally to create favorable parenting plans that will make sure the children maintain their relationships with both of their parents.

Parenting Plans

While historically the courts would usually give one parent primary custody and visitation rights to the other parent, these lines have blurred in recent years. Now, child custody is usually worked out through detailed parenting plans that give both parents as close to equal parenting time with the children as possible.

It is important to work out parenting plans carefully so that both parents feel like the results are favorable and the details of exchanging the children, holidays, important decision-making functions and other important aspects of parenting.

"One thing that is often lost for people in the emotions of divorce is the importance of maintaining long-term working relationships with the other spouse. Even though you are getting a divorce, you will still maintain an amicable relationship so that you co-parent together effectively. Through mediation and collaborative law, I can work to help you create a favorable parenting plan in a way that allows you to maintain the important relationships that will need to stay intact for years to come."

∙ Barbara Williams

Barbara also works with families to create parenting plans that take into account grandparents' visitation rights. Grandparent-child relationships are critical to child development, so Barbara makes sure to provide careful representation that will help foster these relationships.

Child Support

Barbara Williams can look over your financial records and give you an accurate understanding of what type of child support order you can expect. Through mediation, collaborative law or litigation, she can protect your child's interests.

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