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Experienced Divorce Representation

Although most people would agree that the child custody issues are the most important, it is still critical to handle the financial aspects of divorce carefully. If you are facing a divorce, make sure you work with an asset division lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to protect your interests throughout your divorce.

Attorney Barbara Coyle Williams has more than 35 years of experience handling asset division and other divorce-related matters for clients in Indiana. Williams Law, PC, in Evansville, Indiana, represents clients in all aspects of division of assets, including:

  • Valuation: Determining accurate values and types of property is the most important first step in asset distribution, especially when the parties have significant assets. Attorney Williams has a wealth of experience handling all types of asset distribution issues and she can provide accurate values for the properties in your divorce.
  • International holdings: Barbara can help you find and determine the value of real property and other assets in other countries throughout the world.
  • Business ownership interests: When one or both members of a marriage own all or part of a business, valuation and distribution issues become complicated, but attorney Williams can help.
  • Hidden assets: Unfortunately, divorcing parties often find creative ways to transfer and hide assets so that they are unavailable for division in a divorce. Barbara has the experience to uncover hidden assets and determine the true value of the extent of the properties in a divorce.

Amicable Resolutions

Whenever possible, attorney Barbara Williams works to resolve clients' issues amicably through mediation and collaborative divorce. When both parties are amenable to the process, mediation and collaborative divorce can minimize stress and cost while resulting in outcomes that are favorable to both parties. Barbara can explain these options in your initial consultation.

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