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Adoptions and guardianships have legal as well as personal components. Neither one is more important than the other, which is why it is so important to choose your attorney with great care. Make sure you work with a lawyer you feel comfortable with, someone you know has the experience and skill to represent your legal interests effectively while also providing you with the personalized service and care you need.

Attorney Barbara Coyle Williams of Williams Law, PC, brings a unique combination of experience and compassion to the practice of law in Evansville, Indiana. As a lawyer with more than 35 years of experience, Barbara is also a mother and active member of the local community. She understands how important these family law matters are to you, and she will provide you with personalized legal care, walking you through every step of the legal process.


Attorney Barbara Williams helps clients through the process of adoption, including stepparent adoptions in re-marriage situations and husbands and wives filing to adopt a child to increase their joy and share their love. From the initial step of filing the adoption petition, to working through all of the interview processes to the transferring of legal rights to you as parents, Barbara will work with you personally through every step of the adoption process.


Williams Law, PC, helps Indiana clients obtain all types of guardianships, including:

  • Minor guardianships — For parents seeking to establish a guardianship over their minor children in the event that they can no longer provide the care their children need
  • Special needs guardianships — For children who have physical, emotional or mental disabilities
  • Elder guardianships — For elderly people who have lost the ability to take care of their personal and financial needs on their own

There are many factors and details involved in guardianships, including powers of attorney and complex legal steps required to establish a guardianship properly. Barbara has experience in all of these matters, so she can explain the details and walk you through the process so that you feel comfortable.

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