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A criminal conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Even years after you have served your time and perhaps even reformed your life, you could still be struggling with serious limitations on your life. If you qualify, expungement can clear your record so that you can move on and get a fresh start on your life.

Williams Law, PC, focuses a large percentage of the firm's practice on helping clients set aside their criminal convictions through expungements. Lead attorney Barbara Coyle Williams has more than 35 years of experience representing clients in expungements and other criminal law matters throughout the Evansville, Indiana, area.

Expungement Of Arrest And Conviction Records ∙ Indiana's New Fresh Start Law

Indiana's new expungement law provides a fresh start to many with criminal convictions. The law provides a method to seal some arrest and conviction records and to restrict the use of other conviction records. Under the 2014 amendments, it becomes unlawful for anyone to suspend, expel or refuse to grant/renew a license or permit needed to engage in any activity, occupation or profession or otherwise discriminate against anyone because of a conviction or arrest record that has been expunged or sealed. The law restores the petitioner's civil rights, including the rights to vote, hold office and serve as a juror.

Not all criminal convictions can be expunged, and a formal petition must be filed in the county where the charges were filed. The petitioner must show the court that the waiting period has been met and that there are no criminal charges pending. The waiting period depends on the seriousness of the charge or the criminal conviction. For example:

  • Arrest without conviction — One year after date of arrest
  • Misdemeanor and some Class D felonies or Level 6 felonies — Five years after date of conviction
  • Other Class D felonies or Level 6 felonies — Eight years after date of conviction
  • Other felonies — no serious bodily injury — Eight years after date of conviction
  • Remaining eligible felonies — 10 years after date of conviction

Because this law is complex and you may petition to expunge only once, it is highly recommended that you do so with the help of an attorney.

"I can work with you and look through your records to see if we can help you clear your criminal record. As a lawyer with more than 35 years of experience, I want to use this experience to help you get a fresh start."

∙ Barbara Coyle Williams, Attorney at Law

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